PDFACompliance: Table of content gets black

Product: PDFTron.NET.x64

Product Version: 9.4.0

We are a customer with payed license and we mostly use PDFTron for conformance validation and converstion.

When converting a PDF doc of version 1.7 to any Conformance level, every line in TOC gets black.

It renders OK in Adobe before converting.

Is this a bug, or the harsh truth due to doc format/structure before converting?

The conformance errors I get:

Running code very similar to example PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation.

PDF/A Error codes 4_3 and 4_6 are with regards to transparencies, and PDF/A-1 targets PDF 1.4 which has limitations, that never PDF format versions, do not have.

So my assumption would be that while this might happen when targeting PDF/A-1 conversion, it should not happen with PDF/A-2/3 conversion.

Since you say the issue happens with all PDF/A conformance levels as output, then we would need the file in question (original) to investigate further.

Thanks for your reply Ryan.