PDFDoc doc(sFilePath) is fail


 PDFDoc doc(sFilePath),    How sFilePath  support non ascii  file path?
My code:

            std::string  sNonASCIIFilePath;

	std::wstring sNative;
	StringToWCHAR(sNative,sNonASCIIFilePath );
	UString sFilePath = sNative;
	PDFDoc doc(sFilePath);

doc create fail!

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std::string  sNonASCIIFilePath;

What is this encoding?

StringToWCHAR(sNative,sNonASCIIFilePath );

I do not recognize this API. Do you mean this API?

There is a UString(std::wstring) API which takes in windows (UTF16-BE) unicode encoding.

For best cross platform code though I would recomend getting your string into UTF8 encoding and using this API.