PDFNet 6.5.0 Release

What’s New in PDFNet 6.5.0 (May 19, 2015 - Version 6.5.0)

  • XOD conversion output is now the new XOD format, which features reduced sizes and improved blend modes.
    • WebViewer 2.0 or later is required for new XOD documents
    • Old XODs will continue to work in WebViewer 2.0
    • Flash and Silverlight are removed in WebViewer 2.0. The Flash and Silverlight versions are still available in WebViewer 1.8.2, but they are made available on an “as-is” basis.
  • Improved Text2PDF conversion for UTF-encoded text files
  • Added optional, beta Word2PDF conversion through Convert.Printer.SetMode(e_printermode_prefer_builtin_converter)
  • Important bug fixes and incremental improvements.

WinRT (PDFNet for Windows Store apps) Specific:

  • Universal Samples are now using the MVVM pattern.
  • PDFDoc.SaveToNewLocationAsync, will save the document under the assumption that the destination passed in is different from the source of the document, as specified when creating the doc or the last save, if that has happened since opening. This function will speed up saving since certain safety precautions are not necessary.
  • Added a CompleteReader Sample, which implements a full featured PDF reader and annotator.
  • PDFViewCtrlTools contain a control for tabbed PDF viewing (i.e. open multiple documents in different tabs).
  • PDFViewCtrl.Deactivate - This will stop rendering and then remove any content that is not visible on the screen. This method is used by the tab control to reduce memory usage on hidden PDFViewCtrls.
  • PDFViewCtrl.Activate - Resumed rendering
  • PDFViewCtrl.SetScrollBarVisibility
  • PDFViewCtrl.PreviousAndNextButtonVisibility, Whether or not to show the prev/next buttons in single page mode for mouse navigation. Note that you have to call the static PDFViewCtrl.RegisterDependencyProperties() before you can use this.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

iOS Specific:

  • Note: PDFNet 6.5 is compiled using Xcode 6.3. Please ensure your project is compiled with the version of LLVM/Clang that shipped with Xcode 6.3 or greater.
  • Note: Only iOS version 7 or greater is supported.
  • CompleteReader now includes user bookmarks stored outside the PDF.
  • Adds new annotation added/modified/removed methods to the ToolManager.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Android Specific:

  • New 64-bit native architectures, arm64-v8a and x86_64.
  • Adds a new tabbed viewer control that allows viewing multiple PDFs in the same viewer (API 11+). See CompleteReader sample for usage.
  • Adds new annotation added/modified/removed methods to the ToolManager’s AnnotationModificationListener.
  • Adds smart zoom animation and improvements to the page sliding animation.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Deprecated Methods in PDFNet Windows C++ API:

  • Setting the last parameter to true is the following method PDFViewCtrl(void*, void*, bool) is now deprecated. Setting to true put the viewer into pre 5.7Compatibility mode. All users should remove this boolean parameter, and begin using the modern PDFViewCtrl that started shipping in 5.8. The new one provides superior performance.

Deprecated Methods in PDFNet Windows .NET API:

  • PDFViewCtrl(bool) see above for more info.

New Types and Methods in PDFNet Core API:

  • pdftron.PDF.Convert.FromText
  • pdftron.PDF.Convert.XODOutputOptions.SetThumbnailSize
  • pdftron.PDF.Convert.XODOutputOptions.UseSilverlightFlashCompatible
  • pdftron.PDF.Optimizer.MonoImageSettings.SetJBIG2Threshold
  • pdftron.PDF.PDFView.UpdateOCGContext
  • pdftron.PDF.PDFViewWPF.Activate
  • pdftron.PDF.PDFViewWPF.Deactivate
  • pdftron.PDF.PDFViewWPF.SetRenderedContentCacheSize
  • pdftron.PDF.PDFViewWPF.OnRenderFinished
  • pdftron.PDF.TextExtractor.SetRightToLeftLanguage
  • pdftron.PDF.TextExtractor.GetRightToLeftLanguage

Chaged Types and Methods in PDFNet Core API:

  • pdftron.PDF.Convert.Printer.Mode