PDFNet 6.8 Release

PDFNet 6.8 is now available on all platforms!


All Platforms

New Features

  • Built-in XLSX-to-PDF conversion support.

  • Export to individual separations using PDFDraw.

  • PDF documents can now be secured using PDF 2.0 AES256 Encryption.

  • Expanded UTF8 encoding for PDF 2.0.

  • Improved support for many annotation properties in the XFDF specification.

  • PDF.Convert can now convert markdown files to PDF

  • PDFDraw now supports very high resolution output via tiled rendering.

  • PDFDoc.FDFUpdate(fdfdoc) which will intelligently update the annotations in the PDF with those in the FDF document. In particular it does this in a manner that will minimize the modifications to the PDF. This can be used to sync the PDF document with the annotation state exported from WebViewer and incrementally save any annotation changes.

  • Text highlight annotations are now more aesthetically pleasing.

Performance Improvements

  • Overprint preview handling has been optimized.

  • Linearized save on documents with many pages is now significantly faster.

  • Added caching for high-dimensional sampled functions and complex Postscript functions – rendering speed improved by 5x on some documents.

  • Greatly improved speed and memory usage while converting text files to PDF.

  • Conversion from CalRGB to device colorspaces is now more than 2x faster.

  • Repeated calls to PDF.GetPage are now much faster, particularly for documents with many pages.


  • Lots of improvements and fixes to Office to PDF conversion outputs.

  • More robust handling of corrupt documents.

  • Improved stability when used in an interactive environment.

  • Many other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Mobile Platforms

  • Improved packaging, to make it easier to get started with evaluation and integration.

  • New guides and documentation

  • Lots of user interface improvements

To download the latest version for your platform see here:

For changelogs and new guides see the following links for your platform(s).