[PDFNet] Android: A few questions about PDFNet Mobile SDK

Q: I am completely satisfied with its performance on Galaxy Tab and also on

Motorola Xoom devices.

The evaluation still in progress and I would like to address you with some

of my questions.

These questions are Related both to Android and iOS SDK too.

  1. Is it possible dinamically switch on and off visibility of layers in

PDF documents and display it immediately using PDfViewCtrl ?

  1. What is the recommended way for comparing and showing differences in

two document using Mobile SDK ?

  1. What is the recommended way to save and re-add a note, highlight,

bookmark to another instance of the same document at the same place if its

content has been extended?

  1. Is the source of PDFNet SDK included in the Dev Kit after buying a

licence ?

  1. Can you please provide me access to the iOS PDF SDK too for evaluation

purposes ?

A: Please see my reply to your questions as follows:

  1. Yes. PDFNet supports layers. You can find (http://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/apiref.html) both PDFView and PDFViewCtrl have functions named SetOCGContext() for this purpose. Although this function has not been added to its Android counterpart for now, we will add it pretty soon.

  2. For comparing two PDF documents, please refer to the following post


Although this discussion is in the context of the Desktop SDK, it also applies to the Mobile SDK as it offers the same set of classes and functions in this regard.

  1. I am not entirely sure of what you are trying to do here. If you are trying to migrate annotations from one PDF file to another instance of it, you can save the necessary information for creating each annotation (page, bounding box, color, etc) and then create it again on the new PDF file.

  2. No, PDFNet SDK source code is not available. Android PDFNet SDK has three components:

(a)libPDFNet.so, which is the native library that contains all the core PDF-related functions.

(b)PDFNet.jar, which provides end users with java classes/functions for using libPDFNet.so.

©tools.jar, which implements most of the UI functions of pdftron.PDF.PDFViewCtrl class.

Note that only the source code of © is available. With it, you can fully customize the UI components of PDFViewCtrl.

  1. Please fill out a trial request form for the iOS version. I am on the technical side and our sales department should be able to do that after they receive your request.