[PDFNet] Android: can I use PDFNet Android SDK on Playbook?


Can I bundle up an android app which contains PDFTron’s PDFNet Android SDK to use on a Blackberry playbook?

PDFNet Android SDK uses NDK native library (.so) and unfortunately this is currently not supported by Playbook’s Android Player. The following is the excerpt from https://bdsc.webapps.blackberry.com/android/apisupport

Unsupported Software Features

The following software features are not currently supported. Apps that use these features are typically incompatible. If your app uses any of these features but you feel that it should still be functional on a BlackBerry PlayBook, you should make sure to fully test the app to ensure their use does not impact the usability or core functionality of your app before submitting it to App World.

  • Apps that utilize native code bundled into their APK file
  • Linux virtual file systems (/proc and /sys will not be supported at the app level)
  • Add on libraries (all libraries defined by the tag in the app’s manifest other than “android.test.runner” are unsupported)
  • The following Java software packages:
  • Vending (In App Payments): com.android.vending
  • Cloud To Device Messaging (Push): com.google.android.c2dm
  • Google Maps: com.google.android.maps
  • Text to Speech: com.google.tts