[PDFNet]: Android: How to build and run the PDFViewCtrlDemo using Eclipse


I’m currently evaluating the PDFNet SDK product and want to know how
to build your sample program ‘PDFViewCtrlDemo’ using Eclipse. I see
three directories but no instructions and no project file.


In order to build and run the sample app, you have to follow the
following steps:

(1) Set up ADT in Eclipse as described in
(2) Then go to “File → New → Projects…”
(3) Select “Android → Android Project…”
(4) Type in the project name (say PDFViewCtrlDemo), and select “Create
project from existing source” and for “Location :”, browse to the /
(5) Click “Next” to select the Build Target, say Android 3.0, and then
click “Finish”.
(6) Right click the project “PDFViewCtrlDemo” in the Package Explore
panel and select “Properties”.
(7) Select “Java Build Path → Libraries”
(8) Click “Add Jars…” and browse to “PDFViewCtrlDemo/libs/” and select
PDFNet.jar. You can do this again to select tools.jar.
(9) Copy ‘Lib/PDFNet.jar (armeabi/libPDFNetC.so) (armeabi-v7a/
libPDFNetC.so)’ to the sample’s ‘libs’ folder, respectively. Note that
you may copy both the native libraries under ‘armeabi’ and ‘armeabi-
v7a’ to make the output apk both arm v6 and v7 compatible. Android
will load the proper library during installation. If you know what arm
structure is targeted, you only need to copy one library and remember
to DELETE the other empty folder so that Android won’t get confused.

Then you should be able to build the project.

Step (1) should be changed to

(1) Setup ADT in Eclipse as described in http://developer.android.com/sdk/installing.html


Starting with version 6.1.0 of the Android PDFNet SDK, the Tools library is now shipped as an Android Library, and its source code can be found in the samples folder. The package does not include the Tools.jar anymore, and you now have the flexibility to include the source directly into your project or create a separate library for your projects.