[PDFNet] How do I convert PDF to TIFF (CCITT T.6 - Fax Group 4) ?

Q: We need to convert PDF into (CCITT T.6 - Fax Group 4) TIFF files as
part of an application.

PDFDraw work great but the default output is 24-bit RGB the file size
is ~400kb, Is there a way to get a reduced size PDF (need to get it
under 100K) and still be readable. We are further looking within
PDFTron but maybe your team can point us to the right direction. TIFF
file size is the road block at
this point.
A: For an example of how to export PDF to TIFF (CCITT T.6 - Fax Group
4) please take a look at code sample 4 in PDFDraw sample project:

To control monochrome dithering you can pass 'Dither' hint as follows:
  mono_hint.PutBool("Dither", true);

G4 compressed tiff output fill be significantly smaller than the
default RGB output.

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