PDFNet in a dotnet core 2.0 app on a linux container


I found this thread today about PDFNet still not able to run on a .net core 2.0 application hosted in a linux container Google Groups

I've a license of PDFNet and I'm planning to migrate the existent application to .net core 2.0, the application that I'm migrating uses the following methods of PDFNet's api:

object: methods used
1. PDFDraw: SetDPI(); SetImageSize(); Export()
2. PDFDoc: GetPage(); GetPageCount(); GetPageIterator(); InitSecurityHandler(); Save(); Close(); PagePushBack(); PagePushFront(); PageRemove();
3. Page: No method invoked
4. PageIterator: Next(); HasNext(); GetPageNumber(); Current()
5. TextExtractor: Begin(); GetAsText()
6. ElementReader: Begin(); End(); Next()
7. Element: GetType(); .Type(enum); GetTextDataSize(); GetTextString()

Nowadays PDFNet cover all of our usecases, Is it possible to write a .net core 2.0 webapp (platform independent) relying on the methods above?

If not possible is there some workaround?

Thank you very much!

Hello Marcos,

We’re currently investigating the degree to which we can support .NET core on non-Windows platforms. We should have more information next week. Thanks for your patience.


I can forward you a preview build of PDFTron PDF SDK for .NET Core. It’s not yet ready for public release, but I could forward you a link if you were to email support@pdftron.com directly. Thanks in advance for your help.

.Net Core officially released. See this posting for links.

Excellent! Thanks for sharing!