PDFNet question - button icon import


I’m not sure about how to get this question posted/answered; but I’ll fire away:

Our clients modify PDF’s on the client side and then submit them to our webserver. One of the things we’d like to support is for them to add images to a given PDF; so we use the button icon (javascript) technique in a button form field. When submitting the entire PDF to the server; the button icon is retained. The next step for us is to extract the FDF content of the submitted PDF and merge it onto a high-res version. The text fields of course merge perfectly - however the button icon image does not. Should this be included in the FDF? If so - what additionally must be done during the merge to merge the uploaded image (PDF, bitmap, etc.) to the high-res version? If not included in the FDF, any suggestions with how to proceed?



You can used PDFNet to associate an image with a form field, however
FDF itself can't be used to store the image. In this case you could
save PDF data to a custom format (e.g. XML based) to preserve extra
image data and metadata which you would later use to fill in forms.

In case you are primarily interested in filling PDF forms and need to
fill form fields with images you may want to refer to the following


or search for “How do I set image as a value of a button form field?".

This specific sample is importing another PDF page as a form field
appearance however you can use element_builder to import other image
types (TIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc) as shown in AddImage sample project

For more information/examples of how to set custom appearances on
annotations/widgets you may want to search the forum using
"SetAppearance" as a keyword.