PDFNetWinRT/PDFNetUniversalApps: Windows App Certification Fails


Just a note that recently (around December 15th) Windows released an update that seems to update some of the standard dll’s that PDFNetWinRT and PDFNetUniversalApps link against:
Namely, vccorlib120_app.dll and msvcp120_app.dll.

So, if you’re using one of these SDK, and app certification fails with a message like this:

Then this is a problem with Windows, which will hopefully be solved soon.
A few sources on this issue:


We will be keeping an eye on this, and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

To pass the local app certification test, you can manually uninstall Windows Updated kb2976978. This does not seem necessary however, as apps appear to still pass certification in the store.

Best Regards,
Tomas Hofmann