PDFTron Callibration issue UWP

Product:PDFTron.UWP, PDFTron.UWP.Tools

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We downloaded PDFTron SamplePDFViewer and once application is deployed we are facing following problem
1)Using a measurement tool, when we measure a entity and then calibrate, the new scale and unit gets applied to the selected entity only.It does not get applied to the subsequent measurement entities we draw on the pdf

NOTE: This functionality is working for Android, xamrin and web platforms but not working on uwp platform

How can we resolve this issue for UWP platform ASAP


Welcome to the PDFTron Community, thank you for letting us know.

I was able to reproduce the issue and notified the team.

Hello Derek,

Thanks for the quick response. This issue is kind of a show stopper for us so just wanted to know have you got any response from the development team?

And what will be the approximate timeline for the fix?

Thanks & Regards

Rohan Kukarni


A fix has been made, is a nightly build okay with you?

Nightly Builds are located here: PDFTron Systems Inc. | Nightly

Also, is this your post on Stackoverflow as well? PDFTron UWP calibration issue - Stack Overflow

Kind Regards

Derek Chong

Hello derek,
We had downloaded following nightly build

And ran the CompleteReader from the build but still able to reproduce the same issue.
It seems issue is not resolved.

Attaching the gif of issue for your reference

IN the video, I have drawn one measurement entity.Then i select it and calibrate it to “cm” from “pt”.On “OK” button , this entity calibration is set.
But when I draw another measurement entity , it calibration is “pt”.This means “cm” not applied to all entities I would be drawing.

Whereas,This functionality we need is working on web viewer, xamarin, android platform.

Please confirm that we are using proper nightly build and please provide build specific to fix of the issue


There are some extra steps to setup the nightly build that I should have included.

The changes to the Measurement Tool are not updated in the NuGet package PDFTron.UWP.Tools SDK at this time.

You will need to use the Tools_VS2019 project instead, to do this follow the steps below:

  1. Open the nightly build solution with visual studio

  2. Right click the CompleteReader_VS2019 project and click Manage NuGet Packages...

  3. Navigate to the Installed tab, and find the PDFTron.UWP.Tools package and uninstall it

  4. Open the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio, and expand the CompleteReader_VS2019 project

  5. Right click the References and click Add Reference

  6. Select the Projects tab and checkmark the Tools_VS2019 project then press OK

  7. Build the Tools_VS2019 project first

  • Right click the Tools_VS2019 project and select Build
  1. Then run the CompleteReader_VS2019 project
  • Right click and Set the CompleteReader_VS2019 project as Startup project

Sorry, for the misunderstanding and let us know if you have any issues.

Kind Regards and Thanks

Hello Derek,
Thanks for the guidance.

We were able to check the issue and it seems to be resolved.

Apart from this , I have another thing to get clarified.
We are not able to see “snapping” and “Count” option in measurement toolbar. Why is it so?

Is it only available for licensed version and not available for the samples / demo version?

Hi Rohan,

Unfortunately, this feature has not been implemented for UWP yet. To make feature requests, we ask you fill out the feature request form here PDFTron Systems Inc. | Form.