PDFTron not working in window server

Product: PDFTron

Product Version:

Please give a brief summary of your issue: My PDFTron install in server but there is a production PC link to server and activate Program to run, suddenly stop working and because of install new antivirus product.
When activate the exe file there is nothing happen, and in the event viewer there is a message like the screenshot.

we suspect there is a mismatch of .net framework but have a compare with other server, seem like not different but the other server can work, any advice on the faster solution.

thanks in advance.

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Thank you for contacting Apryse support.

Iā€™m reviewing your request and will get back to you shortly.

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Hi Steve,

What product and version are you currently using? It sounds like this stopped working due to antivirus settings. Have you tried to reinstall with administrator permissions with exceptions in place in your antivirus for our product?


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Hi jmccarthy1,

currently this PC is work with i install a Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64).


I dont think is because of AntiVirus because new antivirus is install in all the other pc as well but just 3 pc have this issue out of 10 pc.

anyway, the issue is solve and just for your information, need to install C++ 2013, i think the PDFTron is using 2013 version.

Thanks jmccarthy1

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Thanks for the details. We will consider this issue closed.

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