PDFTron SDK and Acrobat 3D (U3D) - WORKING


I got everything working. Sorry about all the emails. :slight_smile:

There is the method to allow Adobe Acrobat 3D operate with new version
of U3D SampleSoftware.

See the \Source\RTL\Component\Include\IFXBlockTypes.h

To disable use of the minor version field, comment out #define for

Using 1.2 Gold with old version number is better than using 1.2 Beta2
because 1.2 Gold has several bug fixes.

I also successfully embedded the u3d file in PDF using your PDF

I cannot embed models created with Intel U3D toolkit into PDF documents
using your library. Maybe I am missing something.

Attached you will find the generated u3d file. I built these from source and
generated the output u3d file using this toolkit.

When I embed this file using your U3DTest sample, the data does not show
in Acrobat Reader. The model tree shows no objects loaded.


I am glad that you were able to fix the problem. I was suspecting that
the problem was related to U3D file itself, since we have many clients
in CAD/CAM industry that are using PDFNet SDK to create PDFs with U3D