PDFTron SDK text file (*.txt) with Hebrew chars raise excpetion with convertion

   Message: An error occurred while converting the file.
Detailed error:
  Error converting text content using Text2PDF module.
   Conditional expression: false
   Filename : Convert.cpp
   Function : trn::PDF::Convert::ToPdf
   Linenumber : 1605

when execute
                        pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToXod(filename, outputPath_xod);
                        pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToPdf(pdfdoc, filename);

Hebrew chars inside doc(x) to pdf/xod conversion works nicely!

Kindly help!
Many Many thanks

Hi, can you send the file to support at pdftron.com, or post here if it is not confidential.

all those text files includes hebrew chars
even if one char is in hebrew (in mixed english / heb content)
the internal pdftron txt parser will complain:)

many thanks

פיטורין דוד בלאט.txt (847 Bytes)

החזרי מס עם סוכנים.txt (2.06 KB)

דןדן.txt (21 Bytes)

Hello Danny,

It turns out that the encoding for these files are Hebrew - Windows 1255 which we currently don’t support unfortunately. That’s why PDFNet complains because in our old sdk, only UTF encoding is accepted when converting text to pdf.

If you can try our latest nightly builds with utf-encoded files, the problem should be resolved. I have attached a utf-8 version of one of the attachments you sent in this email. Feel free to give it a try using our latest nightly builds.

Please let me know if this works for you, and if you have any further questions.


החזרי מס עם סוכנים(1).txt (3.61 KB)

i tried your latest experimental - PDFNetDotNet4_2016-08-18_stable_rev47484.zip
it has been manage to show hebrew chars, but not as normal RTL - Bi-Directional
but as Jebreish (LTR words - unreadable)

attached a compare of ur original heb utf vs your converted result with latest nightly build



Hello Danny,

Thanks for your feedbacks.

Text2PDF module doesn’t support bidi language layout, however, it’s in our list of todos. We are looking into adding this support in a future release.

Thank you.