Pdftron UWP - Customizing Annotation PopupCommandMenu on PDFTron.UWP & PDFTron.UWP.Tools SDK v8.1.1

My UWP project has been previously using PDFTron.UWP & PDFTron.UWP.Tools v8.0.2. I have been looking into the changelogs for the newly relsead PDFTron.UWP & PDFTron.UWP.Tools SDKs and am extremely excited to implement the new features into my application.

The new SDK update is amazing, I am super happy with the product! I am facing one issue now. I was previously customizing my own popup toolbar using ToolManager.ShowingPopupMenuEventArgs. I used this well explained example when implementing it https://www.pdftron.com/documentation/uwp/guides/tools/customize-popup/#exampleā€™.

However this method is now not supported when using the new SDK versions. Is there an example of how to achieve what I previously had, any help would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks in advanced!

I was able to resolve this. Just needed to change the parameter ToolManager.ShowingPopupMenuEventArgs eventArgs to ShowingPopupMenuEventArgs eventArgs.

Hello Dante,

Iā€™m glad you found a solution.
We have updated the guide on our website to reflect this change.

Thank you

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