PDFTron.UWP.Tools 7.0.4


I am working on a Windows UWP application that integrates PDFTron. As far as I can tell, the most recent version of the PDFTron UWP packages on Nuget.org is

But when I download the PDFTron UWP library, I get PDFNetUWPApps_7.0.4, suggesting there is a 7.0.4 version that is not published on Nuget. And indeed there appear to be some changes to the AnnotationCommandBar in 7.0.4 that I would like to make use of. Given the build pipeline for my app, I don’t think it’s feasible for me to try and integrate PDFtron manually, so I am relying on the nuget packages.

Is there an ETA for publishing PDFTron.UWP.Tools v7.0.4 on Nuget?



Thank you for reaching out to use about this.

Unfortunately we will not upload the 7.04 version to NuGet because we are currently working on the 7.2 release which UWP already have a prerelease beta package available on NuGet.


Would you be able to give it a try?
You will have to check **"**Include Prerelease" on Visual Studio to see it.

Also 7.2 release should be soon available for download.

Check your ticket status - https://support.pdftron.com/helpdesk/tickets/16073

Let me know if you need any further assistance.
Thank you

Robson Pontin
Windows UI Developer
PDFTron Systems Inc.