Is it possible for the print dialog in the PDFViewCtrl, invoked using _pdfview.Print(), to maintain focus until the dialog is dismissed or the document is printed?

Hi Matt, since you’re using .Net I recommend you switch to our newer PDFViewWPF control. It is designed to be much more customizable then PDFViewCtrl. There were some improvements to it in the latest PDFNet v6 release, plus more are in the works to allow more customization.

Otherwise, if you want to stick with PDFViewCtrl (maybe you can’t use WPF), then either you would have to manually keep focus your self, or create your own print dialog and use the startprintjob method. If you look at the PDFViewWPF sample this is what it is doing.

Thank you for the information, we will look into fixing this in a future release.

Thanks for the timely response and information.

I have reviewed the PDFViewWPF sample, and the print dialog does indeed have focus, but it appears that a standard Windows print dialog is being used and therefore lacking some of the print options available with PDFViewCtrl:
-page scaling
-print option (document and/or annotations)

I have been able to accomplish the same print behavior used in the PDFViewWPF sample in my project using PDFViewCtrl, but with the lack of options/control I found that I was removing functionality instead of adding to it.

Am I missing something (VB.Net is my primary language)?

Thank you.