PDFViewCtrl and scaled printing

We have a derivative of the sample PDFView project using PDFViewCtrl.
Some users complain printing is beyond the printable area of the

Acrobat reader solves this by offering PAGE SCALING in the print
dialog, where you can pick NONE (which is what I think PDFView does),
or FIT TO PRINTABLE AREA, among others. Of course it all depends on
margins of original document, and perhaps characteristics of the
printer, as to whether scaling is needed.

I'm guessing I'll have to create my own PRINT DIALOG box to present
such an option?? Another question, how best to set up pdfdraw (used
internally for print) to do such scaling? Or maybe there is an
entirely better approach?

PDFViewCrtl has a built-in print dialog (PDFViewCrtl.Print()).
Did you try using it? Unless you have very specific requirements there is no need to reinvent the wheel.