PdfViewCtrl - Scroll Event


I'm using PdfTron for .NET and I have a problem regarding the
PdfViewCtrl. What I need is an event which is fired whenever the
contents of the PdfViewCtrl is scrolled or if the zoom factor is

Unfortunately, I didn't find any proper event. The "Scroll" event is
not fired on scrolling, and the CurrentPageHandler (configured with
"SetCurrentPageHandler") is only called when the page is changed
during scrolling.

Is there a built-in way to get what I need?

At the moment there is no way to override OnScroll event for the built-
in scrollbar. Still, you can replace built-in scroll with your own
version. To disable built-in scrollbars call
pdfview.EnableScrollbar(false). You can then add your own scrolls and
events, customize the behavior, look & feel, etc. To scroll the
content within the view you would use pdfview.GetH/VScrollPos()/SetH/
VScrollPos()/GetCanvasWidth/Height(). To support quick customization
of the built-in scrollbars, we will most likely expose OnScroll event
handler as part of the next PDFNet update.

Is there already a way to override OnScroll?