PDFViewCtrl.setPageViewMode not setting correctly

Good day,

I am having a problem with the page view mode in android. I have to view newspaper PDFs and therefore I need to set page view mode to fit width using mPDFView.setPageViewMode(PDFViewCtrl.PAGE_VEW_FIT_WIDTH) in my activity.

However, when the code executes onPageChange(…) in mPDFView.setPageChangeListener(…), the page view mode is set to PDFViewCtrl.PAGE_VEW_FIT_PAGE. It seems as if the page view mode is not set or is somehow reset when page change occurs. The page presentation mode works correctly and maintains whatever mode I set it to.

Can you please advise on how I can resolve this.


I beleive that the latest production build includes an extra option to toggle the default view mode / zoom when flipping between pages. In case you are using eval version, we are planning to update a current demo within next 3-4 weeks.