Performance details of PDFNet


I am looking for some performance details of PDFTron, I searched through your website and could not find. Can you please let me know the number of transactions PDFNet can handle in a minute? Can you please provide me with any efficiency related information.

Our site ( states the performance & reliability are some of the key features of the SDK:

"PDFNet was designed from ground up with high throughput and current applications in mind.

  • For speedy document reading, PDFNet uses incremental object loading and caching mechanisms.

  • Caching is used at different levels: from Cos based object caching to more sophisticated color-space, font and glyph caching.

  • Incremental save for fast serialization and document versioning.

  • Native code efficiency."

Having said this you may want to download PDFNet SDK ( and do some benchmarking on your end.

Based on the feedback ( from our customers (, PDFNet SDK is the top performing solution.