Permission issue on Linux

Q: I'm working in a jboss server on a linux platform. I´m trying to
set the resource path to pdfnet.res and it doesn't work. It seems to
accept only Windows's full path (c:/xx/../pdfnet.res) because when I
try to set the path "./conf/pdfnet.res" or whatever path that doesn't
start with a drive letter the function PDFNet.setResourcesPath("./conf/
pdfnet.res") answer to me the following error:

Exception: Message: Unable to open the file
A: Did you try setting the path without pdfnet.res in the filename?
For example:


There may be also permission error to access the given PDF file or the
specified file path is not correct.

I have to give thanks to you for the help. It was a problem with
permissions that was solved. Now the resources opening and the
conversions work fine.