Placeholder should replace with full table in PDFTron.

Our requirement is we should create the pdf file from pdf template by replacing the placeholders. We successfully replaced placeholder with normal strings using PDFTron. Now our requirement is one of the placeholder should replace with full table. Is it possible in PDFTron? If possible let me konow how todo that.

The ContentReplacer class itself cannot do this for you. It is aimed at replacing just text and images.

Does the placeholder occupy a region equal to or greater than the region the table will occupy? If so, you would remove the placeholder (perhaps using Redactor), and then place you chart.

Another class that might help, is Stamper class. You could add your table to a temporary Page object (a page not part of the PDF pages) and then use Stamper class to place the table on the target page for you. Stamper class alleviates some of the trouble with placing content.

If the placeholder is possibly smaller than the table, and there is other content that needs to be moved to make room, then this is a more difficult task, as you would need to reflow/move content.

Please clarify