Placing several pdfs and jpg files on one single pdf page.

Q: I am looking for a PDF library which makes it easy to place/embed
several pdf and jpg files on one single pdf page. Our current
application produces a list of items (stored in pdf and image files)
with page number and an exact position for each item. The next step is
to position each item on its pre-calculated page/position and then
produce one complete pdf.

Can PDFNet SDK facilitate this ? Maybe you have a short code sample to
illustrate this ?
A: You can use PDFNet SDK ( to place place/
embed several PDF and jpg files on one single PDF page. As a starting
point you may want to take a look at ImpositionTest sample project
( This sample
shows how to place a sequence of input PDF pages on a target PDF page
as form XObject-s. Another approach to PDF imposition is to copy page
elements from one page to another as shown in ElementEdit sample. JPEG-
s (and other raster images) can be added as shown in AddImage (http:// and ElementBuilder
samples (