Possible "annotationChanged" event handler intermittently not triggering

WebViewer Version: 10.6

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Is your issue related to a front-end framework? No
Is your issue related to annotations? Yes

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Possible “annotationChanged” event handler intermittently not triggering

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Good day. We getting reports in our production that sometimes after the user puts in a comment on a newly created annotation and clicks save, the user will later return to the WebViewer page and find the comment on the annotation is gone.

So far, we have determined that our API endpoint responsible for saving changes to annotations were not invoked as we have no logs of it being called around the timestamps of these reports. This API endpoint will only get invoked under the attached handler to “annotationChanged”.

Our support team is still trying to find out how exactly to replicate the issue being reported but in the meantime, I would like to ask if a similar issue has been reported and maybe addressed in the past or perhaps something like this has been addressed as of WebViewer 10.8?

Thank you very much!

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Hello @joserafael.arce,

Thank you for contacting WebViewer support.

Its fairly difficult to determine if there was a very similar issue without further context, as an event not being triggered could come from various reasons.

You can find our changelog here for any fixes/changes were made: Changelog | Apryse Documentation

We look forward to hearing back from you with how to reproduce the issue. The following information would also help us diagnose the issue:

  1. Source input file used for testing
  2. JavaScript console output showing all warnings and errors.
  3. Network panel showing all failed network traffic
  4. Code related to handling the annotationChanged event, and the context around the handler.
  5. WebViewer constructor, including all options specified.
  6. Demonstration video of the issue, highlighting the expected vs. actual behavior.

Best Regards,
Jacob Romano Carlsen
Web Development Support Engineer
Apryse Software Inc.