Post processing on PDF after conversion from HTML


I am looking for a tool we can use to perform some post-processing on a PDF file. We have built a solution which uses an HTML to PDF generation approach but there are limitations as to the PDF formats it can output to. As a result we need to be able to do the following:

· Modify the PDF version to from 1.5 to 1.3 (we don’t believe we use any features that are not supported in 1.3)

· Scale a page in the PDF (we are just generating a single page PDF) to be 10x smaller

· Convert the PDF to use CYMK colours using correct profile from PDF generated using RGB colours

· Ideally it would also be able to enforce/convert to use PdfStandardSubset.Pdf_X_1a too

We are using .NET and need to run this processing from a web server environment, on the fly.

Is this something your product would be able to do?

A: PDFNet includes HTML2PDF module (as shown in Html2Pdf sample

After you create PDF document you could scale pages (e.g. using page.Scale()) and perform other post-processing manipulations.

At the moment PDFNet does not come with a build-in option to convert PDF to CMYK, but this could be implemented using lower-level APIs (see,

To save the file with a different header or version info please see

PDFNet is available as a .NET component and is suitable for server side use (