Preserve font-name in PDF to SVG conversion


We are trying to make an ePub document with your PDF to SVG conversion utility.

If I use this command line with “–nofonts” like this : pdf2svg --nofonts -o test_out mydoc.pdf
all “font-family” style are named fnt1, fnt2 etc in .svg file … it’s not the real font name like arial.ttf

The same is with PDFNet SDK pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToSvg()


PDF to SVG converter provides the option “–preserve_fontnames” which should use the font family name as obtained from the PDF itself. Please try this options and see if it helps. Keep in mind though that even if a font family in PDF is named as such, it may not look the same in the resulting SVG if you do not convert them to SVG fonts.