Prevent deleting text in Content_Edit Mode

WebViewer Version: “^10.7.2”

I am using PDF text editing (Content_edit mode), and I want to prevent text deletion by holding the Backspace key. If I click on Backspace, it should allow deleting the character or selected text. However, if I click and hold the Backspace key, it should either not delete anything or delete only one character.


  1. How can I determine whether the user is holding the Backspace button in content_edit mode?
  2. How can I prevent the deletion of text in content_edit mode?

Thank you for posting your question to our forum. We will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

Hi mturenko87,

WebViewer currently does not have an API exposed for the behaviour you have described. However, I will submit a feature request for our Product Team to review.

Hi Bojan,

Could you let me know if you have made any progress on this?

Hi James,

The feature request has been submitted to our Product Team. At the moment, I cannot offer you any ETA. Also, please note that there is not a guarantee that every feature request will be fulfilled. We take requests seriously and they do indeed help shape our roadmap, but we are not in a position to implement every feature requested by every customer. We have customers across many diverse industries, and essentially all make customizations to meet their particular business needs. This is one of the reasons we offer as much of our code as open source as is practical, because it does give the ability for customers to implement features that are important to them that would otherwise be impossible with a closed-source solution.