Printing multiple copies of a document with odd number of pages double sided then first page of second copy printed on end page of 1st document

When printing multiple copies with pdftron sdk with following circumstances,

  • document having odd number of pages
  • printing 2 copies
  • double sided printing

The documents not separate correctly. That is, 1st page of 2nd document printed on other side of the sheet of 1st document.

Print mode is set as follows,

public static PrinterMode GetPdfPrint(PrinterInformation printerInformation, PrintQueue printQueue, int numberofCopies)
            PrinterMode printerMode = new PrinterMode();







            return printerMode;

can someone help me to get the second copy starts from new sheet?

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Hi Jayashan,

Could you please include your input and output files and preferably a screenshot clarifying exactly where the issue is?

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Input is a 3 pages document. with physical printer setup for double sided printing with number of copies is 2. the two documents are not separated into two. That is first page of 2nd document printing on remaining blank sheet of 1st document.

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