Printing PDF Document with or without user interaction in ASP.NET

Q: Is it possible to print PDF files with or withour user interaction
using user PDFNet SDK ( If so can you
please send me an example of using ASP.Net.
A: Using PDFNet SDK you can print PDF documents with or without user
interaction in ASP.NET.

As a starting point you may want to take a look at PDFPrint C#/VB.NET
sample (

To add PDFNet to your project, simply reference PDFNet.DLL in your
ASP.NET solution project. After referencing the DLL, simply copy and
paste the sample code into your project.

Q: On further investigation, the object PrintDocument is for sending
the document for printing on windows forms.
Is there an alternative from ASP.Net to send PDF to client's printer?
A: You can use code along the lines of PDFPrint sample to print PDF
directly on the server (or as part of a desktop client application).
In case you would like to print on client machine (i.e. as part of a
browser) you could:

a) Use pdftron.PDF.PDFDraw (see PDFDraw sample project - or PDF2Image (http:// to rasterize PDF pages to PNG or JPEG.
Wrapped in HTML and some JavaScript this approach can be used to print
from any browser without any additional component dependencies.

b) You could distribute PDFNet on a client (e.g. via ‘Click-once’
deployment) and then use code similar to PDFPrint sample.