Printing Problem Solved


I've changed my code to now use PDFRasterizer.Type.e_BuiltIn and it
works perfectly. Just a little tweaking to figure out margins and dpi,
etc... and I'm impressed to say this is now printing a higher quality
print than Acrobat was.

Using your example for sending a PDF to print, I find I'm
not getting the desired results. I'm attempting to print a PDF
that has been automatically generated by Crystal Reports.
the page prints correctly except for the image which is black.

Are you using Built-in rasterizer or GDI+ based rasterizer? GDI/GDI+
API is not a good match for PDF graphics model so unless you are
dealing with relatively simple documents it is usually better to use
the 'built-in' rasterizer.

In PDFPrint sample you may want to uncomment the following line:
  // pdfdraw.SetRasterizerType(PDFRasterizer.Type.e_BuiltIn);

And also set 'example' variable in PrintPage to '1'.

Please let us know if this helps.