Problem displaying word documunets in persian (rtl) language


We’re having a problem displaying word documents that are formed by Persian(rtl) characters or by a combination of Persian and english characters.

When we want to display persian text created by word, the text looks cluttered, portions of text get bigger fonts, and sometimes words display in reverse order.

Here are samples of original and displayed texts:

Original word text:


Displayed via webviewer:


I have to add that ,once we use word text styles such as headings, normal and … on the whole text , the problem is fixed. But we need modifications in code so we can support all word documents from different sources in our app without changing the docx.

We’re using pdftrone + react,

I would Greatly appreciate if you can help.

Hi Ehsan,

We don’t currently support the handling of right to left text in office documents, however we’re working on it and we’re hoping to have it ready for the next release. You can stay updated about new releases by subscribing to this forum!forum/pdftron-webviewer-sdk-announce

Matt Parizeau
Software Developer
PDFTron Systems Inc.