Problem rendering XPS after Microsoft Patch KB2753842

We use the PdfTron V 5.9.0 of PdfNetDotNet4 to convert PDFs to XPS using the following line:

pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToXps(pdfDoc, sOutFile, xpsOut);

This works fine and the resulting XPS-Files look fine in the Internet Explorer.

A different viewing componet we use (Silverlight application) has a problem, showing the xps-file (text is lost). This has to do with the latest Microsoft-security-patch KB2753842 (,, that), that), that)), that has a problem with true-type-fonts.

I know, this is not a problem of pdftron, but we are looking for a workaround, as we don’t know, if and when Microsoft will fix this problem.

My question is, are there any options in PdfTron regarding the used fonts, that we could use, so we might avoid this problem?


Apparently the problem breaks lots of programs that use these fonts, including PowerPoint:

It seems that your best bet is to complain to Microsoft. As an worst case alternative, you could convert PDF text to paths ( Another option could be to use some third party app to convert/normalize all PDF fonts to non-CFF TrueType font. There are some quality issues with this approach though and we are not familiar with any app that can do a good job.