Problem with Convert.ToXod

We’ve got a new and somewhat urgent problem with SDK 7.1.0 on Linux Debian 10 and PDFNetWrapper for Ruby.

We’ve got the error below when we call Convert.toXod(…) on some pdf. Could you tell us what kind of unsupported file format is that? Maybe we are missing some standard image or file format library on the system? Looks like a problem in Convert.cpp at line 1881 in pdftron sdk.

Interestingly, we have another older setup, using SDK 7.0.1 and Debian 9 which works totally fine on the same documents.

programs/pdf_to_xod.rb:86:in `ToXod': PDFNet Exception: An error occurred while converting the file. (StandardError)
Detailed error:
	 Message: ToPDF cannot convert this file format on this platform.
	 Conditional expression: false
	 Version      :
	 Platform     : Linux
	 Architecture : AMD64
	 Filename     : Convert.cpp
	 Function     : ToPdf
	 Linenumber   : 1881

Are you passing a file path to toXod? or a PDFDoc instance? Please provide code, and example input variables that triggers the issue.

The error message implies that you passed in a file path, and PDFNet just checks the file extension, so most likely you gave no file extension, or an unsupported one.

Good point. Looks like the temporary file extension was not correct in our new system. Thanks.