Problem with Z-fighting and how to set near/far plane

I am using the PFD3D to export drawings of thin cardboard boxes. The display is not very good as one can clearly see that there are some Z-fighting issues.
I believe that there was some method to define near plane and far plane distances in the javascript that is created while inserting the 3D annotations in the PDF document.
I can not find a way to define these with the PDF3D library. Is there a way to improve the rendering?

Thank you for posting your question.

SDK2 has prevention mechanisms for Z-Fighting prevention. Please have a look at the following Struct References which I have taken from the documentation that is included in your installation directory (PDF3D_2_21_0_x64\PDF3D-SDK\doc\html\pdf3d-sdk.chm):

PDF3DZFightingParams.pdf (278.1 KB)
PDF3DZFightingParams_Axis.pdf (352.8 KB)

In regards to rendering and visual effects in the viewer, we would always suggest to enable hardware rendering where possible.

Thank you for the answer.
I understand how to fill the PDF3DZFightingParams structure.
However, I failed to find any sample or even documentation that explains on how to set the struct in the exporter.
Can you share a link to a document or sample where the structure is actually used?

I’ve had a chat with the developer team. From your original post, it looks like double-sided rendering is creating problematic visual effect.

Do you see any change when you disable double-sided rendering in Adobe menus (under the Multimedia & 3D tab)? If so, you can set this preference to override user viewing preference in Adobe by using ‘SetDoubleSidedRendering’ API method.