Problems with setting up position of form fields and dragging

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Problems with setting up position of form fields and dragging

I have 2 major concerns in Webviewer.

  1. When I drag any form fields (such as Text, Signature, Combo Text Field, List etcetera) on the PDF area then it does not point to that specific point where it had been dropped actually. May I know what values should have been given to X and Y or is there a formula to set it.

  2. If the “Text” field has been dropped on the PDF area and suppose If I want to drag to it’s respective position then again I have to make it clicked first before moving. How can I make it movable to any position as soon as it was dragged?

As shown in the screenshot, as the field is active and now I can drag it to any position. But I want it to be active as soon as it was dropped to the PDF area so that I don’t have to click it to move this around.

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

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Hello jatinder.singh,

By default, we dont have drag and drop for form fields by default. Are you implementing this feature on your application?

We do have a sample project that mimics DocuSign’s behaviour here: GitHub - PDFTron/pdftron-sign-app: Sign and request signatures on PDFs, MS Office documents that implements drag-and-drop. Are you using this?

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