Python 3.11 support

Product: pdfnetpython3

Product Version: 9.4.2

Brief summary of the issue:
There is currently no C binding for Python 3.11 . Is there an estimated date when it will be released?

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Could you elaborate on what you are looking for?
Are you saying our pre-built Python bindings do not work with Python 3.11? If yes, please provide details.

Note, you can always generate your own bindings if our pre-built ones do not work.

As there are wheels for all Python versions between Python 3.5 and Python 3.10 in PDFNetPython3 · PyPI, I expect one for Python 3.11 too. Trying to install pdfnetpython3 with pip fails because of it if python 3.11 is being used.

Same problem here, can not update my project to Python 3.11 as PDFTron won’t be installed by pip/python.
As PDFTron is marked as compatible with Python 3.5-3.10 on PDFNetPython3 · PyPI

An updated sdk would be vital, so we can leverage the new python language features.

@Ryan So what we are looking for is not the “build your own SDK” solution, but the pre-built library on PyPi to have a smooth deployment & development experience.

I have raised this request for pre-built bindings for Python 3.11 with the team, but yes, at this time, generating your own bindings is the solution.

Python 3.11 pre-builts are now available in our nightly developer preview builds which you can use now if you like (look for “Wrappers” in link below)

Official production builds will be available in our February 17th SDK release.

To get notified for the next official SDK release you can join our Discourse Announcements channel.