Question regarding PDFTron SDK for iOS/Android

  1. Does your SDK support PDF viewing while downloading linearized PDF files?

Yes, the current version supports incremental downloading and viewing of linearized PDF (via PDFViewCtrl.openURL).

For optimal viewing the files should be optimized with ‘pdftron.PDF.Optimizer’ and saved with ‘e_linearized’ flag.

Besides incremental viewing of linearized PDF, PDFNet SDK also support on-demand viewing of XOD (a web optimized XPS) which is the same format used by WebViewer ( The benefit of adopting XOD is that your files can be viewed not just from native app but also from any web browser on any platform.

  1. Do you build your own rendering engine for iOS/Android? Or are u using Quartz for iOS?

PDFNet technology is built from ground up by PDFTron and does not rely on Quartz or any third party components. As a result the apps built with PDFNet can work with any PDF are not plagued with limitations of the preview. Also our customers can expect the same API, the same support, and the same level of rendering quality on all platforms.

  1. Does your SDK support color management? iOS doesn’t have any color management and
    it has caused us trouble.

PDFNet includes built-in support for color management. To enable color management use: PDFNet.setColorManagement(e_lcms). There are also methods to let you change default ICC color profiles (PDFNet.setDefaultDeviceCMYKProfile()/setDefaultDeviceRGBProfile() etc).

  1. Would your rendering engine do anti-aliasing for rasterized text?

Yes. PDFNet is be default using anti-aliased graphics. This could be changed via PDFViewCtrl class.

  1. The license fee is based on CPU for our developer right? Do we buy one license for
    iOS and Android or they are separate?

Actually our developer licensees are included for free as part of the production license ( To obtain the quote for your app(s) please fill-out one of the following form ( and our sales rep will get back to you with more information.