Random parts of characters in the text not fully rendered

WebViewer Version: 8.2.0

Do you have an issue with a specific file(s)? no
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Are you using the WebViewer server? not sure
Does the issue only happen on certain browsers? possibly
Is your issue related to a front-end framework? no
Is your issue related to annotations? no

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random parts of characters in the text not fully rendered

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For a subset of our users, when they open a document in our webviewer-based reader, they see that random parts of characters in the text are not fully rendered and appear malformed. This is short-lived: if the user changes the zoom level of the page or scrolls up/down to an adjacent page before returning to the original one, the text characters become fully formed again.

Please see some sample screenshots below.

To be clear, for the vast majority of our users, this problem does not occur. So the issue is not with the document(s) being viewed, but rather with something in the particular user environment that is responsible.

We are at a bit of a loss: is it related to the user’s hardware - perhaps too resource-poor to render properly? or poor network connection? or browser plugin(s) that interfere? or do we need to upgrade to a newer version of the libraries?

As you can see from the samples, these are educational texts used by students. It is a problem for them when they are trying to make sense of a mathematical formula which has malformed/unreadable characters.

Any advice welcome.


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Hi @neven,

Thanks for reaching out with this issue. Can you confirm if you are using XOD to render your documents? We are aware of an issue with rendering characters that affects users on Chrome. The resolution is to disable the hardware acceleration mode. This bug is currently reported to chromium.

Can you confirm which browsers this happens on, and if on Chrome, whether the provided workaround fixes it?

Best Regards,

Armando Bollain
Software Developer
Apryse Software Inc.

Hi Armando,

Thank you for the prompt response.

We are indeed using XOD files. And the affected user was using both Chrome and Edge (both chromium-based).

And yes, disabling hardware acceleration fixes it…

We’ll try a handful more users tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure it will work for them too.

Thanks again.

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