React Native component adding annotations comments as replied comments

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React Native component adding annotations comments as replied comments

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Comments added to PDF annotation are getting added as replied comments. Because of this comments are visible as replied when I open the PDF document. Please refer the attached PDF file
BusinessCardTemplate.pdf (18.2 KB)

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I’m not sure I understand the issue you are having.
Could you go into more detail on the issue?
If possible could you send us a screen recording with show taps enabled on your device?

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Below given is my scenario:

  • Open a PDF document using PDFTron Web Viewer and add an annotation and add comments to this annotation
  • Open the same PDF document in PDFTron React Native app and add a new annotation and add comments to this annotation

Please refer below screenshot showing the difference between annotation comments for above scenarios

You can refer the attached PDF document as well
BusinessCardTemplate (2).pdf (18.3 KB)

You can refer below XFDF content for how the annotation comments are getting saved with Web Viewer vs React Native code

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	xmlns="" xml:space="preserve">
	<fields />
		<circle page="0" rect="264.103,0,333.958,58.748999999999995" color="#E44234" flags="print" name="ee6e89e1-d1a0-4b2e-ac90-12b2da4f5a53" title="Set TcSession User Name" date="D:20210805020229Z" width="5" creationdate="D:20210805020229Z" />
		<square style="solid" width="5" color="#E44234" opacity="1" creationdate="D:20210812033744Z" flags="print" date="D:20210812033744Z" name="845b4045-0af1-4208-9415-ae5e71d60b86" page="0" fringe="0,0,0,0" rect="313.781,91.6829,443.788,148.901" title="mohan" />
		<text creationdate="D:20210812033815Z" flags="print,nozoom,norotate" inreplyto="845b4045-0af1-4208-9415-ae5e71d60b86" date="D:20210812033815Z" name="18948aa1f84496ee-9a1ef3997d35705f" page="0" rect="313.781,148.901,333.781,168.901" title="mohan">
			<popup date="D:20210812033815Z" name="18948aa2f84496ef-9a1ef3987d35705e" page="0" rect="333.781,168.901,403.781,238.901" />
			<contents>Sample native annotation</contents>
		<square page="0" rect="117.75,26.41000000000001,206.06,87.13000000000001" color="#E44234" flags="print" name="a3d8ea0f-08db-c363-9a52-4e76d3643b3b" title="mohan" subject="Rectangle" date="D:20210812220410-04'00'" width="2.3041488712629654" opacity="0.7413057672897441" creationdate="D:20210812220345-04'00'">
			<trn-custom-data bytes="{&quot;trn-mention&quot;:{&quot;contents&quot;:&quot;Web Viewer Annotation&quot;,&quot;ids&quot;:[]}}" />
			<contents>Web Viewer Annotation</contents>
		<defmtx matrix="1,0,0,-1,0,153.36" />

I hope above provided information is good enough to analyze the issue and provide me a solution or workaround ASAP.

Understood. Web shows first reply typed in the box as comment if from same author, but Android show it as reply. We will update on our end and update you a new build as soon as we can. Thanks.

Please note that this change will only apply on new annotation/comments. Existing ones generated in the XFDF cannot be changed as it’s already in a different structure. Thanks.

Thank you. It will be very helpful if you can fix this issue ASAP

Hi Mohan, this has been fixed in the latest commit in React Native wrapper. Could you please update and try again? Thanks.

Note as mentioned before, this only works newly created annotations. Existing annotation with reply already will not be affected.