Reducing my app size that is using Xamarin.Android?


The PDFNetAndroid.dll is around 44 MB, and this making my application size grown up.

I have noticed the sample xamarin android app (provided by pdrftron team) application size is 144 MB.

How do I reduce the size of my application?


We recommend using split APKs for different native architectures:

Please note that the DLL size does NOT reflect the app size.

For example, a release APK size for armv7a slice only will be around ~20MB for Full version (but the DLL size is much larger) of the library and half the size with Standard version of the library.

So depending on your use case, if you do not need the Full version of the PDFNet SDK, use the Standard version will save quite a bit.
See What are the differences between the “Standard” and “Full” libraries? section.