refreshAll method forces previous search even when search panel is closed

WebViewer Version: 10.8.0

Somewhere in the application, I need to use the refreshAll method in order to apply a stamp. If before applying the stamp I’ve used the search panel to search for a term in the document (and then closed the search panel and cleared the search results), upon calling the refreshAll method the previous search gets triggered again.

I’ve noticed this kind of behavior wasn’t present in version 8.12.0.
How can I prevent this from happening?

Hello Nicoleta,

I was not able to reproduce this issue on our Showcase here:
I ran refreshAll in the console after performing a search, clearing the results, and closing the search panel.
Please let me know of any steps or configurations I may be missing.

Video Link

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I wasn’t manually clearing the results (by pressing the ‘x’ button). I thought that just using documentViewer.clearSearchResults() when the panel changed visibility would be enough. I have managed to find a work around based on an idea I got from your video (programmatically clicking the button). Thank you!

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