Remove Date in the annotation

How to remove the date field in the annotation(Notes Panel)? Tried to hide it with custom CSS but have no results. The screen with the date


Hi Illia,

Could you show me how you are using the custom CSS? I tried the following custom CSS and it seems to work.


.date-and-time {
display: none;


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Zhijie Zhang
Software Developer
PDFTron Systems Inc.

` WebViewer(

path: ‘lib’,
initialDoc: url,
licenseKey: ‘’ ,
fullAPI: true,
css: ‘./style.css’,

Tried the same css as you have mentioned above with this relative path (css is in the same folder), with the absolute path (likecss: ‘src/path/style.css’`) as well.

Oh I got it, the file should locate in the same to the path: 'lib' folder… Works!