Remove undo/redo manager

Product: PDFTron

Product Version: 9.3.18

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How do I completely remove the undo redo manager?

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We have had several crashes come in with a stack trace telling us “EXC_BAD_ACCESS KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS” and a “TRN_UndoManagerDestroy”. We decided to completely remove the UndoManager using this line of code toolManager.undoRedoManager.isEnabled = false

It seems to potentially lessen this crash, but again we want to to be removed. It is removed from the UI so we are confused on how we are still getting this crash. Is there more we need to do to prevent the UndoManagerDestory from being allocated? We were under the impression that disabling it would prevent any need for memory allocation.

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No repo steps but we are disabling the undoRedoManager but are still seeing this crash… any help would be much appreciated.

Which exact platform are you asking about? Android? iOS?

Sorry I am referring to iOS

Due to the way that the PDFNet dynamic library, and other binary libraries from other vendors, is processed it is likely that the “TRN_UndoManagerDestroy” name is appearing in your symbolicated crash report but is not actually part of the stack trace.
The way that symbolication tools usually work is that they look for the closest symbol in the dynamic library for a given address, but if the symbols have been stripped from the binary for security then the closest symbol may correspond to a completely different function.

As mentioned previously, if you are able to reproduce the crash locally then we can take a look.