Remove unwanted divider from WebViewer header

WebViewer Version: 8.8.0

I am attempting to remove the divider between the leftPanelButton and the viewControlsButton in the header, but there is no dataElement property to reference, just a class. I’ve tried removing it based on class from the DOM with no luck.

How do I get rid of it? If I replace the entire header I need to figure out what the existing code is for the remaining content I want to keep, which seems laborious and risks breaking functionality.

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Thank you for contacting WebViewer Support. For the header you will have to modify the array in the “header” object. You can see this guide for more information

You’ll want to do something like

  instance.UI.setHeaderItems(function(header) {
    // this depends on the version of WebViewer. You'll want to remove the "divider" object
    // the "divider" should be at position 1 in version 8.8

Please let me know if the above helps or if you want me to clarify anything

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That works great, thank you!