Remove Water Marks from Existing PDF

I need to be able to remove a watermark from existing PDFs we have
stored in a database. This is a legitimate requirement (rather than
trying to remove trial software watermarks) as we have > 10 million
PDFs stored with a "copy" watermark that we now want to store without
the watermark. I can remove them with Acrobat, but I haven't been able
to find a product which can do this programmatically. Can pdftorn do


If you stamp your PDF documents with pdftron.PDF.Stamper (http:// you can easily remove
them with Stamper.DeleteStamps(doc, PageSet).

If PDFs are stamped with another tool, you would need to use the
approach shown in ElementEdit (
samplecode.html#ElementEdit) sample. This is more tricky because you
need some way of identifying what content is part of the stamp (e.g.
based on position, bbox, color? etc) and what not.

Yes,PDF's are stamped with 3rdparty Tool...
I have checked the element EDIT basically skips the images
in the PDF and creates the new PDF.
So How to find whether that IMAGE is STAMP or a Part of PDF image
I did not found an option..
can you provide some sample code.??
I am very new to this...

You would need to devise some heuristics to identify stamp content (i.e. elements). For example you could use the knowledge that a stamp is the last element in the display list or that it takes specific location on the page (i.e. element.GetBBox(rect) ), etc…