Rendering perfromance of PDFNet and PDF2Image (benchmarks).


I need to get the fastest PDF 2 PNG rasterizer I can find on the
market. Do you know how you compare to Adobe (commercial), or open
source projects (MuPDF or XPDF)?

On my test samples, your library is a little bit faster than XPDF.
Would it be faster when I get the SDK version?


Would it be faster when I get the SDK version?

Both PDFNet SDK ( and PDF2Image SDK
( are thread safe. This means that if you
have multi-core or multi-CPU machine you can run several rendering
threads in parallel. This will significantly speed-up processing of
large batches of PDF documents.

Also the production version of PDF2Image will be faster than the demo
version (there is no need to stamp and render all pages with demo
patterns, etc).

Regarding performance benchmarks against other products:
Because our products are being continuously improved and because the
'efficiency equation' for PDF to image conversion is very complex, we
don't offer specific performance benchmarks.

PDF rasterization speed may vary depending on the input PDF files you
are dealing with (i.e. one PDF rasterizer may be faster for certain
types of input documents but slower for others).

Also many conversion parameters (such as image smoothing, anti-
aliasing, color management option, resolution, zoom factor, etc.) can
significantly affect the benchmark results.

The issue of quality, reliability, and robustness is also tied to
efficiency equation. A given PDF rasterizer may appear to run fast,
but may fail to render (or even crash) for more complex PDF documents
because of the lack of the proper PDF support (there are many
'weekend' PDF projects out there with extravagant claims).