Replace OR Add Overlay on the contents of PDF

Product: Node.js

Product Version:9.3.0

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I want to replace the first name and last name programmatically in the PDF with *** OR need to add a Overlay on top of the first name and last name of the PDF

here the firstname and lastname is known , so i just need to search them in the pdf and mask it

You can use our TextSearch class to get the bounding box, Rect, of the firstname and lastname, then you can either use our ContentReplacer class 'AddText` API to replace all the text in that area, or use our Redactor class to fully redact everything in that area.

It worked for me , but it doesnt search a word if it has space in between
For Eg . B H A V E S H

the above word is not found if searched

You can use Regex with TextSearch class.