Replace scrollbar with Ruler while zooming pdf page

I want to keep ruler on the top of my app. I got recommendation to replace scrollbar by ruler. But I couldn’t do it. please somebody help me.


In order for us to better assist you, could you please provide us with some further details on how you want to implement this (perhaps a mockup image of what exactly you are looking for)? What platform are you looking to implement this on?

Thank you in advance for the additional information.

I am developing a software using wpf c# and I am using pdftron to view pdf
pages. I wanted to insert ruler in my software(similar to ms word), whose
label depends on page height and page width. I can get page height and
width easily. Here is the attachment including screenshot upto which I have
progressed. The ruler must include label and value of label and scale of
ruler should change dynamically on zoomchange and scroll change. Thanks in